Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Software

Amazon is the largest retail store in the United States. Being the largest retailer has its own challenges especially with sellers. Many sellers on Amazon face the challenge of how to effectively capture a significant share of sales. Amazon growth has made it difficult for sellers to make significant sales because the marketplace is already crowded. The best and the most effective way to solve this problem is by subscribing to Amazon seller fulfilled prime software of So what exactly is Amazon SFP, who is eligible, what does it take to qualify for this program, how will it affect your operations and are the pros of this program? In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about Amazon SFP.

What is Amazon SFP?

Launched in 2015, Amazon SFP is a comprehensive program that allows qualified sellers on Amazon who have professional selling accounts to display Amazon promote badge on orders fulfilled through third party logistics or through their own warehouse. This means that sellers no longer have to rely on the FBA in order to be granted the prime status. Sellers who have switched from MFN and FBA to SFP have said that their sales have increased by more than 50%.

Who is eligible?

When it comes to Amazon SFP, only the best sellers can qualify to enjoy the program. Before a seller is granted the seller fulfilled prime status, he/she must pass a tough trial period. However, sellers who pass their tough trial period and prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are capable of meeting the Amazon SFP shipping standard are enrolled automatically in the SFP. To qualify, sellers are required to have a professional sellers account and you must be eligible for the Amazon premium shipping. Once the seller has complied with those two rules then they need to follow direction that Amazon has put in place to successfully complete the enrollment process.

Pros of using Amazon SFP

  • It eliminates handling fees and FBA shipping.
  • It gives you instant access to Amazon SFP members, a factor that helps to boost your sales.
  • It enables you to earn more profit especially when selling healthy and bulky items.
  • It enables you to have more control over refund collections and returns.
  • It gives you the privilege of selling products that are not eligible for FBA.
  • In conclusion, from the above information, it is clear that Amazon.

SFP has huge benefits to well-established sellers. It helps to boost sales by up to 50%. You can find the best Amazon seller software at this link.